Function 4        日本語


  Multilingual UI


The user interface (UI) of this add-on is available in multiple languages.

To select language,

1. Go to the User Preferences screen

2. Click the System tab to display the system screen

3. Enable “International Fonts”

4. Turn on all the buttons, “Interface,” “Tooltips,” and “New Data.”

5. Select desired “Language” settings

*If you do not press the “Save User Settings” button, the changes will not be saved.

*Languages available as of August 1, 2017 are as follows (more to be added upon availability):

1. Japanese

2. English

  A simple script which allows easy customization, even for beginners

After using add-ons for a while, some might think they want to use it differently. When this happens, beginners may have trouble customizing if the script is difficult to read.

This add-on eliminated convenient but difficult to learn “for” and “while” loops. Moreover, things that can be stated at once such as (5, 7, 4), the figures representing “5 on the X-axis, 7 on the Y-axis, 4 on the Z-axis,” were indicated on each line, simplifying the script.