Function 3            日本語


  Built-in item switching function(Set-up)

In this add-on, you can make characters carry items. Please note that this feature varies from other features in that you will not select the armature of the characters in the setup stage.

To use this feature,

1. Select the armature of an item with mesh in Object Mode

2. Press the desired button within the “item bone setup” panel of Bone Constraint Properties

3. Select the character you want to equip the item with to the “Target” of the added Transform Copy Modifier.  

*Item location adjustment can be done when selecting items after the setup has been completed.

  Built-in item switching function(item switching)

Once the item setup has been completed, the character will be equipped with the item. Item selection after this will be done as the armature of the character has been selected.

To select items,

1. Select a character’s armature

2. By pressing the desired button on the panel “item selection ” of the Bone Constraint Properties, the item will change.

3. The location of an item has been made adjustable as the item changes out, so conduct location adjustments as is.