Function 2             日本語


  Built-in IK (inverse kinematics).

The premise of this add-on is that IK posing will be conducted (can be switched to FK as well).
When operating IK, note that it is different from normal IK and does not require Pole Targets. For this reason, elbow, knee placement, twisting arms, etc., can be done by control rotation while selecting the control as displayed to the right.

  Complex finger configuration

The shape of the fingers will be selected using the buttons on the UI as displayed to the right. All the joints of each finger will bend from where the fingers are completely extended to where they are completely closed.
 To bend a portion of the joints, display the bones by selecting, “*hand *finger *bones for extending and contracting joints,” set the “Influence” of “Rotation Constraint” to 0, and rotate the desired bone.

  Automatic motion correction with the object detection function

When you press the “Select” button as displayed in the figure to the right, the Shrinkwrap Modifier will appear. In the “Target” section of this modifier, select the object you would like to detect, and you will be able to automatically fix the motion by pressing “Enter.”

*When detecting objects in the fingers, by bringing the bones close to the palm in Edit Mode, the mesh is less likely to sink into the object.