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  Easy 1-click setup

Select the armature that has been created and apply the add-on by pressing the button “Apply Setting from Start.”
 *Because the script is extremely long, it may take time to apply the add-on.
*Apply add-ons after mesh and weight has been attached to the full-sized armature.

  Dedicated UI generation

This add-on does not assume the process of searching for bones in 3D view.Therefore, all selections for the necessary portions can be made by pressing the buttons displayed on the UI.

  Angle constraints that maintain the natural position of each joint

Joint rotation constraints have been set for armatures where add-ons have been applied.

If you would like to adjust the joint rotation constraints, select the “Display” button from the “Display/Hide Bones” panel depicted in the right figure. Once you select the desired bone from the displayed bones, you will be able to change the rotation of the bone constraints using “Limit Rotation.”